Wednesday, December 26, 2007

iqbal comelku

these are iqbal's photo taken by pakcu..
candids taken while he smiles
a quite difficult photo to take,coz he seldom smiles

at Tadika adak

yesterday,after the usrah session, me, imang, luqman & iqbal went to Tadika adak to help out for tadika's preparation for year 2008

these are the pics taken yesterday

i'm doing the train for a-b-c, and nama2 malaikat
imang did the cars with maths stuffs

luqman, hijjaz and hadi were playing an interesting game

Monday, December 24, 2007

my beloved usrah group


today, i had an interesting usrah session with akhawat of UPMKL

we discussed about:

1. Tafsir surah al-Qasas, ayah 26-42
- about prophet musa and his journey before & after wahy
- Musa a.s & his 2 mukjizat
- Allah also send Harun a.s to assist him in confronting Firaun
- adh-dhalimuun - how sometimes doctors also can become dhalim if he mistreat his patients

2. Hadith 17: Keluasan Ihsan
-kewajipan ihsan:ihsan is WAJIB
-ihsan ketika membunuh:a.membunuh kuffar fi sabilillah (medan jihad), yg dibunuh krn qisas,c.hukuman bunuh krn kufur=bunuh spt mrk membunuh, tak bleh kelar2 or bakar. sebaik2 cara=penggal kepala
-x bleh bakar sbb menyamai hukuman Allah ( neraka)
-x bleh kurung & siksa binatang
-kene sembelih dulu binatang yg dipanah sblm dimakan
-ihsan dlm sembelih binatang, x bleh asah pisau atau sembelih binatang lain depan binatang yg nak disembelih, gune pisau tajam
-ihsan dlm setiap amalan, buat sume amalan dgn sempurna dan beradab, barulah amal diterima

3. Sirah nabi Muhammad
-ttg penghijrahan nabi muhammad bersama abu bakr ke madinah, ali r.a menggantikan tempat rasulullah, rasulullah bersama asma dan abdullah dan ibn hurairah
-kisah abu bakar yg sanggup menahan kesakitan tatkala melindungi rasulullah yg mahu dipatuk ular
-ttg kisah keluarga ummu ma bad yg sanggup turut berhijrah, walaupun sblm ni,sumber rezeki mrk adlh sbg tempat persinggahan musafir, krn tertarik dgn akhlak Rasulullah yg singgah sebentar di tempat mrk

4. risalah Usrah2
-tajuk 5, uruf yg fasid tidak dpt menyangkal syariat islam
-uruf=kebiasaan masyarakat
-fasid=salah, bertentangan dgn syariat

-uruf fasid=dr segi iktikad dan amalan
amalan-adat istiadat,ekonomi(riba),pergaulan dlm masyarakat (tabarruj,etc)

-cara mukmin menghadapi uruf fasid
1.bezakan pelaku dgn tindakan
-if iktikad+amalan=inform pihak berkuasa yg berkenaan
-if amalan saje=nasihat, ajar

2. dakwah dgn hikmah, jika x dpt elak baru tentang dgn tegas

new tasks:
-hafazan quran:2 surah pendek seminggu
-mathurat at least 3x seminggu
-puasa sunat at least 1x seminggu
-qiyam at least 1x seminggu
-baca quran at least 2 pg setiap hari

-mutabaah amal

semoga dgn istiqamahnya kami dgn usrah..dapat membina keperibadian kami menjadi spt keperibadian rasulullah dan para sahabat, ameen

Saturday, December 22, 2007

iqbal & luqman in the family

okey..more pics
these are for u tame:)
happy viewing!

pic1:Iqbal & cik imang vol.2
pic2:Iqbal & pakcu
pic3:Iqbal ngantuk
pic4:Iqbal - mata bulat
pic5:Luqman & nina's Ray-ban

Just Iqbal's

tomorrow, iqbal will be 2 months old
these pics were taken at home

pic1:cerianya si Iqbalku
pic2:bulatnye matenye
pic4:ape yg menarik tu?
pic5:Iqbal & cik imang

aidil adha in Penang-vol.2

disebabkan bnyk lg gambar yg perlu diletakkan, terpaksa daku membuat post baru
just pics

pic1: Iqbal & Ummi & feri - vol2
pic2: Luqman & Tok Ummi & Wira
pic3: Luqman & kren mini

aidil adha in Penang


just back from penang & penat

these are the pics taken in penang


pic 1. Buai laju-laju @ Ti Cah's house
pic 2. Luqman & his rival - Hanani-initially berebut buai..pehtu bleh main same2
pic 3. Luqman & waleed kat feri penang
pic 4. Ummi,Luqman & Iqbal kat feri lagi
pic 5. Ummi & Iqbal & feri

Ayatul qur'an for the day:
Neither your relatives nor your children will benefit you on the Day of Resurrection (against Allâh). He will judge between you. And Allâh is the All-Seer of what you do. (2:255)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

tips to memorize Qur'an

Prince Luqman & Prince Iqbal

ok..this is the 4th post of the day :)

actually, I just finished uploading luqman's & iqbal's pic into this pc from our digicam, with Imang's help.just learned how to do it today!

that explains why i've been posting stuffs massively today
not much of writing
but more of imaging

luqman's & waleed's baju kotak-kotak!


Penang Vacation


huhu..i've been posting massively today in this blog, and this is the 3rd

just wanna put luqman's and iqbal's pic while we were in penang last week

-while we're on a ferry
-ni keluarge belah syed noh: tok ummi & tok habib

we also ate 'Pasembur' at Taman Kota Lama
memang sedap silela ke sane ..jike berkunjung ke penang

Pasembur=macam rojak, tapi lain sket
ape yg lain? tu kene tengok & rase sendiri ok:)

happy viewing!

a code to remember


This is my PTK TK1 code: WDR10092
date of exam:18/12/07
Banquet hall 1, KLIH


in case i forgot or misplaced the exam slip it
so that i can check my result while i'm in Holland
coz' the result can be checked via net the way,
i found this interesting interview with an 82 y.o grandma who memorized the qur'an at that age
Subhanallah!! wanna read? click here:

Let's get back into calculation
If I want to complete the hafazan qur'an by Jun 2008
Means,25 juz in 6 months,
I've to memorize 4 pages of qur'an a day

I really hope this won't be a hangat2 tahi ayam stuffs,


it's a new life


just finished PTK exam at 5pm just now in KL International Hotel'm free from exam!!...finally

and also free from a hectic and busy life as a medical officer in medical dept, HKL..for at least 2 years..and maybe 3 years..depends on my hubby's pHD

so..what's next?

next project is to HAFAL QUR'AN in 6-12 months....can I do it or not?
so this will be my 2008's resolution
my 2009's resolution is to pass MRCP PACES (if hopefully i pass my part2A,insyaAllah)
alhamdulillah..i've achieved half of my 2007's resolution, which are to pass MRCP 1

the strategy is:
there's 30 juz in Qur'an
i've already memorized juz 30,29,28,27,1
so only 25 juz left
so..can I memorize 4 juz in 1 month?

let's try 1-2 juz per months first,
and then see how it goes

1 juz=21 pages
2 pages/day=1 juz in 10 days
2 juz in 20 days
3 juz in 30 days

if minus 'period days':5-6 days=2.5 juz per month

1 page in the morning
1 page in the evening

finally.. i'll be able to do what i really want..
do as I wish
do anything that I want.. unlimited..

the feeling is so refreshing..:)

no need to follow normal wake up so early in the morning..then trapped in a traffic ward rounds..then, see patient in clinics..then on calls..all those routine there's no need for me to do it anymore!!

Project no2 is to 'Belajar jahit baju'
Hopefully i'll be able to do it before my departure to Holland

Iqbal is not feeling so well today. he vomited a lot after his breastfeed, around 8-12cc.maybe he's not tolerating the soya milk time..I can't leave him without his ummi's milk..insyaAllah

Imang is back from USM for her raya haji holiday
Hikmat is also here, just arrived 2 days ago from Hira'

quite a full house now.the more the merrier.missing tame already.if he's here..then our family will all be gathered

me,hubby,luqman and iqbal will be heading to penang tomorrow(again:) for our raya Haji over there.

Aidil adha is coming
may the Qurban spirit shine our soul


Ayatul qur'an for the day:

Patiently, then, persevere -
for the Promise of Allah is true.
And ask forgiveness for thy faults,
and celebrate the Praises of thy Lord
in the evening and in the morning.

Surah Ghafir (40:55)


Friday, December 7, 2007

Happily ever after


Today's major event:

1.Abang & luqman shopping at Low yatt-digital camera baru..they're still there, can't wait to test the pic

2. Balik penang..balik kg..for the last time..before our departure to Holland

Currently, just finished packing up brg2 utk balik kg. Iqbal still soundly asleep.Hopefully, he'll remain calm throughout our journey later,insyaAllah to study for PTK exam pulek..

why i like taking exams?

1. it gives me the sense of having specific purpose & something to aim for

2. it makes me feel that i have achieved something(..if i passed the exam though)

3. it challenges me, and make me feel intrigued by taking the challenge

4. it makes me feel afraid, cautious,excited,surprised on the day before the exam

5. it makes me fill up my time wisefully

6. it makes me study & learn new things, so that i'll not stop stuying, and my brain neurons can keep on expanding, and preventing me from getting Alzheimer's

7. it makes me feel great- if I pass the exam makes pray harder and solat Hajat constantly, in order to succeed

i need to experience all that sort of feelings to make life more colourful

May Allah guide me & my family throughout our life journey together, so we'll live happily ever after, insyaAllah
Ayatul qur'an for the day:
We have made the Qur'an easy to remember. But is there anyone who will take heed?
(Surat al-Qamar: 17)

Death notes


Today's main activities:

1. Shopping for Winter stuffs in Sogo
-manage to buy sweaters, luggages, mafla,gloves,long john,stockings etc, for me,luqman & iqbal

-Iqbal was quite calm initially,but later become a bit restless, and i have to breastfeed him in the bathroom, since there's no specific place for breastfeeding there

2. Cooking 'ayam masak bake' with alak & imang

-last minutes cooking..luckily manage to prepare it during usrah time with my 2 sis's help

3.Usrah with UPMKL akhawat, mainly discussing about:

-the ayah from surah an-naml & al-qasas
-Nabi Muhammad's seerah, about the year of sadness:10H, when prophet's beloved wife Khadijah and beloved grandfather wafat, and the prophet's da'wah to Thaif people, when his da'wah was rejected, and He prayed to Allah with sabr and redha..

-Death:how sudden it can be,at any time, any place, any age. Anis told about her cousin who gonna get married in 2/52 time, died after a small branch from a tree hit his head. Asiah told about a young medical officer who suddenly collapsed in the clinic while seeing patient(so..what are the cardiac causes of sudden death in young ppl?Brugada's syndrome, long QT syndrome,etc). Azma shared on - our angkasawan's bro who died after his head hit the lamp pole, died of intracerebral bleeding

-Everything that Allah has created are with wisdom and great hikmah, that sometimes we can't understand it. Syikin shared on her conversation with her grandfather, on why the street have to be straight?grandpa said:so that, people can explore more of the world. which one is longer?straight line or crooked line?of course crooked line, right?

-So next usrah will be next saturday insyaAllah..

-recently, i have a feeling that luqman is more 'hyper' than it because of his habit of watching too much of cartoon network? or is it because of his love towards the sweets & chocolate?or is it because of the MILO? hopefully...i'll manage to find the answer and the cure for this 'hyper' stuff..ASAP

-recently, i also felt that Luqman is getting more detached from me..rarely i can kiss/hug him..since i always have to be with Iqbal..pity luqman..luckily he have his makciks and atuk,nina,waleed to..'menumpang kasih'..sometime..i felt the guilt..but..hopefully he'll understand,insyaAllah

Till then,


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Here I am

Alhamdulillah..finally..end of my MRCP UK Part 2a exam.
The exam just ended at 9.30pm today I am, at home, trying to revive my blog:)

How the exam result will turn out?..let's leave it to Him to decide what is the best
so..what is next?
uhmm...another exam..huhu
but this is a government based exam-we call it PTK(Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan) exam,
in order to 'naik pangkat' and 'naik gaji' stuff
will start studying..later..insyaAllah.latest is by the night of exam:)
the exam will be on the 12th of december 2007
so..tomorrow's agenda is: shopping for Holland's stuff, such as:
-baju sejuk stuffs(for me, luqman & iqbal)
-beg utk letak baju
I've been thinking on what to do when i'm in Holland
-as a housewife:to take care of the house, husband and 2 boys
-as a 'resting' medical officer who'll be preparing for MRCP UK exam..hopefully to sit for MRCP UK 2b:PACES soon, insyaAllah
ok,here's the list:
1.Improve my cooking skill ( i have any?..huhu)
2.Teach luqman & iqbal-qur'anic reading, a,b,c, math
3.Qur'anic memorization-is it possible to memorize the 30 juz' of the qur'an in 6-12 month?,we'll see...if Tame did it in 8 months..and Hikmat did it in 1 year..why can't I?hopefully I can..
4.Finish reading Ryder's book for MRCP PACES
5.Participate in da'wah activities in Holland..probably with the PKS people
6.Touring around Europe?..hmm..we'll see...
hmm..that's all for now..probably..will adding on the 'To do' list time passes by,insyaAllah..anyone who wants to give their idea?

Ayatul qur'an for the day:
{Do you think that We created you in vain, and that you would
not be returning to Us?} 23:115