Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter is beautiful

Salam all

Few days ago..I said: Winter is dreadful
Well.. today I want to retract my words back..and replace it with:
Winter is beautiful

Having the chance to experience winter is indeed very wonderful
Feeling the snow dropping on your nose
Seeing the snow falling beautifully from the sky
Seeing the world..converted into a very large beautiful white carpet


The video shooting was done at Masjid Baitur-Rahman, Ridderkerk, Netherlands

"Rabbana ma khalaqta haza bathila..subhanaka faqina √°zabannar"
(Tuhanku, tidaklah Engkau menciptakan ini dengan sia2..Maha Suci Engkau..maka peliharalah aku dari azab api neraka) (Al-Qur√°n)



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

it's winter already!


It's winter already here
Frosts started to appear everywhere
The canals are turning into ice cubes

Iqbal's favourite word : signal
Luqman's favourite word: Aliens

Just bought a new sewing machine: singer serenade 8280L

Hope the hobby will not just a hangat2 tahi ayam one
Hubby said: I'll only last for 2 months..then, the sewing machine will end up in the store
ye..thank you very much for the encouragement

Winter is very dreadful
But anyhow..alhamdulillah for everything
But..have to cycle to and from luqman's school every morning and evening..
wah..sangat tersiksa..
today's temperature -2 degree celcius
the weather forecast said that it'll snow tomorrow
we'll see

hubby said: tula..nak sangat pegi negara sejuk..'s always my fault in the end..
beginila nasib..hidup di perantauan..