Friday, February 26, 2010

Too long to endure, too short to enjoy?

Assalamualaikum wrt wbkth

Dear readers
it's been a while since the last blog update

This should be confidential
But..I trust you not to tell others..:)
So, what is that suppose to mean?
Being on the net, already means no more confidentiality!!
Well...It's ok as long as my hubby doesn't read this
He said to make it confidential for the time being
Well..he never read this useless blog anyway

Okay..let's go straight to the point..

I'm going to be back in Malaysia in 1 month time!!..if Allah permits
Will start working on the 14th April 2010
Coz my unpaid leave will end on the 13th April's still unconfirmed, coz the flight tickets are not ready yet
Why not ready?
Do ask the HR dept of IIUM

sayonara Holland
can't wait to leave this horrible country
sayonara housewife life
and welcome back ..dear doctor
have to reset my mind and brain and thought
have to recall..all the drug dosages..the management plan..the investigations..etc..etc
haih..i'm too lazy to do those things..right now
but of course..still have to do or later

and have to gear up for the upcoming exam..whether in june or oct..still haven't decide yet
hope to pass it this time, though

in the mean time..
what to do in this 30 days period?

What I'm doing enjoying the leisure time to the max
coz..there'll be no more leisure time in the future the end of the day..I'm regretting it
I really feel that I've been wasting my time
not doing what I'm suppose to do
I really feel that I'll be regretting more in the future
for i've been blessed with lots of free time
but i'm not using it the best and correct way

You see..I've lots of good plan
to fill up these free time
But, I always ended up not executing those plans
instead..I'm doing other unplanned activities
That's why..i'm in dilemma
30 days are too short to make any useful plan/project's also too long to enjoy..or is it too short to enjoy?
so what to do?

Yeap..this is hawa nafsu and alasan
and you need to have discipline and lots of mujahadah to overcome it to have those 2?
easier said than always


Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum..sehingga dia mengubah nasibnya dgn tangannya sendiri

so try harder!!

About luqman and iqbal..the 2 princes
Those 2 are doing fine, alhamdulillah
except that Luqman is having an eczematous skin nowadays..after drinking some fruit juice..I don't know that he's allergic to those fruit juice, and he drank like 2 bottles of that fruit juice!!
He's also on his 1 week holiday from school right, the house is such a big mess..with the 2 princes' creative projects
He's also making some progress with his ''iqra''. already, iqra 2, page 20..10 pages more to go before moving on to iqra3

Iqbal is learning to speak english from the cds that I bought..he keeps on repeating.."do you know? Islam"..can u believe cute!! I was shocked to hear that at first...but that's the only word that he learns anyway:)
And he'll also put the lion (of course it's a toy) and the tiger together..while saying: "shushu" (susu)'s like the lion is breastfeeding the funny!!

And those two are very 'into' the 'çars' shirts
hari-hari nak pakai baju 'cars'
kalo da pakai baju 'cars'..jangan harap nak tukar baju lain
and one of the shirt have this: ''Fast and hilarious'' (it should be ''Fast and Furious'' right:) cute

end of rantings for today



ps: kind of in ''missing my family mode'' today..
so..''show me the meaning of being lonely''..anyone?:)
i's like ''zaman bile'' already


1. The condition of being lonely; solitude; seclusion.

2. The state of being unfrequented by human beings; as, the loneliness of a road.

3. Love of retirement; disposition to solitude.

4. A feeling of depression resulting from being alone.

Syn. -- Solitude; seclusion. 


Naaiemah said...

KAKYONG! comelnye iqballll die masih breastfeed ke? haha dengan gigi dah byk tuh!! cey dah nak balik msia baru nak belaja ckp omputeh ye iqbal :)))) super comelll

sian nye luqman nape takde gambo die tgh kene eczema!!

alamak imang pn ade cuti 10 hari harap2 bleh guna dgn sebaiknye. cey sekali tido je manjang. haha tp papa dah suruh tere2kan diri memasak! btw papa punye kaki tgh bengkak skrg due to his diabetes pastu papa duk rumah je smpai minggu depan. bes2 ade gak kawan duduk rumah :D

CANT WAIT to see u guys. hehe tp apsal nak confidential plak kn.
welcome back doctor. HKL da tertunggu2 tuh :p

kissesssssss and hugssss to luqbal!

alak said...

haha ky funny post! hahahaha
would appreciate it a little bit more if u could put up some latest vids from the boys. haha
alahai rindunye cepat2 la balik :)

Dr Nurul Yaqeen said...

hehe..lak mang
iqbal da stop breastfeeding..exactly at the age of 2 years..
so, die nak imitate la plak..

papa nye kaki bengkak sbb diabetes die uncontrol ek..

skrg tgh diarrhoea lak seluruh family..derang kate maybe winter bug..tataula..hopefully cepat sembuh

sas said...

welcome back doctor :)
papepun...mesia is our homeland :D
not holland
moga dipermudahkan semua urusan sebelum n after balik

p/s:mana tau saya boleh buat attachment kat hospital akak keje nanti :D

hood@sunny said...

loh, da nk balik mesia ke??

baru berangan2 nk main salji ngn budak 2 org tu..

huhu, nway kyong akan ke HKL ke? plannye nk lepak situ wat attachment summer nnt.

Nnt nk tya byk2 psal kerjaya dr nih~

Moga dipermudahkan sume urusan..

yan said...

ish. tk lm lai tu yaqeen.. tak delh kawan safiah.. ada barang2 nak let go?? hihihih

Dr Nurul Yaqeen said...

sas:bleh je buat attchment di prob insyaAllah

hood:bleh je wat attachment kat sini, insyaAllah..tapi ky pun tatau camane prosedur die..nantilah tanye2

yan:ape brg2 yg diperlukan? hehe